Foundation: the basis or groundwork for anything...
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"Be a master at ONE THING, but know EVERYTHING." Angelique, a soulful singer, dynamic dancer, an all around creative individual...YET MASTER OF THE FULL FACE ENHANCEMENT .

As an adolescent I envisioned myself being a celebrity dentist and also applying makeup on the many faces of clients who I created smiles for. Later in life after receiving a bachelor of science in biology degree from Stillman College, I found myself working in the dentistry field for a year, while also pursing the dreams that I pre-imaged earlier on as a child.
With the solid foundation and structure that has been applied and exampled by my family, I truly learned the real definition of hard-work ethics and character. Patterning myself after the examples of my parents, whom I received the most love and support, I knew that failure is not an option and that anything that I applied my ambitious attitude to with a plan of action I could accomplish.
I believe that beauty is simple... 'All you have to do is smile'. I absolutely love the feeling of helping an individual feel oh so good about themselves and life. Makeup is not a permanent change. It's just an enhancer to give a more vibrant look to the change you are looking for in the moment.
How did this career come about?
With my full pursuit of being apart of the makeup industry, I conversed with my parents of my decision of being an entrepreneur of makeup artistry. After conversing, my father then suggested that I name my company "Letz MakUp". After months of loving the name, the name was confirmed by one dream with LMU in lights. The decision had been made, I would now own, and brand my company with three simple letters...LMU by Angelique McClure.
How did Holy Grail Makeup start?
Its no secret that I love God and enhancing his people. I embrace the worshipper in me and the creative he has called me to be........what would it look like if my Ministry Married My Makeup. HOLY GRAIL MAKEUP! A faith based makeup line.